My Heating and A/C system is better than yours

Surely you know the joys of sibling rivalry. Even if you are an only child you are legitimately respected with this in some way or another. Maybe you had a best friend, or foe in university that you always had this type of relationship with. Anyway, the competition between my brother and I has always been intense. From the time we could walk and talk, I feel that we have been trying to one up each other, however our mom has always tried to tell us to prefer each others accomplishments and not gloat on each others failures, then recently, I have to admit, the discussion on who was better went a bit extreme. My associate and I were resting around the table at my parents condo and my brother said that he had just bought a new Heating and A/C component for his home. He started expounding about all the lavish features and how much he paid for it. I had just installed a system in my new condo the year before so I started telling him how mine was better and that he had made poor choices in his. I have a forced air system and he has mini split units so I told him that his was not capable of providing the same comfort as mine. My associate and I made a bet that at the end of the year we would compare energy bills too because he kept saying how much currency he would save, and crazy, I know, however I am legitimately hoping that I win this argument or else I will never hear the end of it. When it comes down to it, so long as the Heating and A/C system you have makes you thrilled, I believe it doesn’t legitimately matter. However, I will never admit that.
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