Never living in a split home without HVAC control

Sometimes it’s particularly strenuous for me to find an appropriate site to live.

I have a few basic requirements when it comes to my living situation that can obviously be strenuous to fulfill.

I need some kind of outdoor space for myself so I can relax outside each afternoon. I need a private bathroom suite that has affixed to my family room so I can keep my things separate. I also need high-quality indoor air to manage my pollen irritations and temperamental immune system. Because I suffer from several autoimmune disorders, my indoor air temperature needs to be highly regulated. I know that this is unusual from all the people who will just require a temperature control to keep their indoor air sizzling or cold, personally, I need my indoor air to remain at a steady air temperature afternoon in and afternoon out. I also require advanced air filtration systems to help purify my indoor air and unaffix a ton of allergens. I particularly cannot have airborne contaminants or allergens in my indoor air without suffering from additional health problems. This is why I will never be able to rent an home with a shared heating and cooling system. Many times I have looked at apartments that had a single heating and cooling plan split between several individual units. I considered these air handling challenges and realized it would never work for me. Having a shared temperature control means being at the mercy of someone else’s air quality control whims. Knowing my luck, I would wind up with a finicky HVAC controller and months of immune system failure.


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