Never thought I’d be the boss

I’m not the sort of person who I would consider to be an authority figure.

I am a bit of a mess and I assumed that it translates into my professional career. Apparently, I was wrong with that assumption. It seems like my job is giving me current chances and responsibilities all the time. No matter how multiple mistakes I’ve made or how multiple times I have called in for a mental health afternoon, they keep changing my salary and title. I started out as a lowly heating and cooling cellphone operator. I would answer the cellphone calls when clients needed to make a professional maintenance or maintenance appointment. It was no important deal for me to dispatch heating and cooling workers to the appropriate addresses. However, I was getting bored with the HVAC cellphone operator position and I started missing mornings of work. Rather than firing me, my bosses sent me to heating and cooling technical school. They wanted me to become a certified heating, cooling, and ventilation professional because they said that I was smart and capable. Within 18 months I had received my professional certification as an HVAC worker. I began attending my own heating and cooling appointments for the shop and conducting specialized air quality control management services. Even then, I found myself feeling restless and unhappy. When I started missing appointments my bosses called me into their office and asked if I would like to supervise the entire team of heating & cooling specialists. Today, I am managing 10 expert heating and cooling workers at a local air quality control maintenance shop. After all my errors, I really never thought that I would be someone’s boss.


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