No the house is not haunted.

When I child came condo this past winter time for two weeks my associate and I were happy to have her visit, then ever since graduating college she has lived in the town and my associate and I miss her a lot, and it seems that her visits are farther apart and my associate and I realize that once she settles down they will be even less frequent, then part of the reason that she doesn’t come condo is that she feels that living in the country is no longer something that she wants to do so my associate and I were grateful for the time spent.

I did notice but after a few mornings that she seemed very tired and I wondered if she was having some sort of medical issue, however when I asked her about it one day she said that she was having trouble sleeping because she felt uncomfortable in the house.

I had to laugh when she said that she felt the house was haunted and that something was trying to chase her away. I chalked this up to her overactive imagination and the fact that she watches true life ghost stories all the time, however she didn’t cherish my laughter and said that she could feel chilly drafts in the house and hear weird creaking noises while in the night… Of course these were genuinely explained because the chilly draft that came from the air vents when the heating system kicked on was normal and so or the creaking noises that came from the element heating up, however these were all normal to us and my associate and I never even paid attention to them and I believe she didn’t either when she lived condo numerous years ago. The house where she lives now has radiant heating in the floors so she never experiences any of that either.

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