Not sure why I didn’t get this window A/C unit sooner

Sometimes I wonder why people make life more hard for themselves than they need to; My mom is a perfect example of this! She is always finding new ways to make his life complicated plus hard to navigate.

No matter how much my friend and I try to discourage his from taking on new hard tasks, he can’t be stopped.

I feel that I must have inherited this unfortunate habit from her. For the past several years I have been absolutely beside myself when it came to managing my indoor energy bills. I never used the thermostat harshly intensively, but my energy bills were always climbing through the roof. I couldn’t figure out why my utilities were so high all the time. However, it successfully deterred me from trying to use my cooling system most of the time. The central A/C unit seems to suck up a lot of my power. It cost me an immense amount of money when heat plus humidity rolled into the area… Eventually, I stopped using the central heating plus cooling system all together. That was when a nice friend of mine advocated that I just take his outdated A/C window unit for my own house. For the past several weeks I have been using the outdated school A/C window device in my dining room to cool it down at evening. I am finding that the powerful A/C unit does a great task maintaining my indoor air quality plus my energy bills are not any higher, and of course, this discovery made me pause when I realized I could have had this air quality solution all along. For years I struggled with high energy bills plus low quality indoor air when all I needed was an A/C window unit.

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