Numb fingers make it hard to get labor done

Working in a sales office can be legitimately hectic.

My associate and I are consistently trying to entice new patrons and much of the time is spent in meetings with them. Getting ready for those meetings takes up the rest of my labor afternoons. Before I can even set the appointment I have to do a bit of homework about the prospective client. I need to know where they need our help the most and that takes online research, site research, and even getting to know a bit about the person I will be meeting with. All of this prepares me for success and helps me land the account. It also allows me to steer clear of someone who obviously does not need our products. All of this preparation is done at the office and there is one major problem with that. Our office is always freezing. The boss says that she is always tepid so she cranks the a/c component down to where it is uncomfortable for the rest of us. In fact, typing on a keyboard, whether researching or developing a proposal is downright painful. My fingers feel like they are going to freeze and fall off. I particularly bought a pair of those fingerless gloves to help keep my hands moderate while at work. It may seem different that I wear them in the middle of summer time but it does help a bit with circulation. On the afternoons that I am stuck in the office trying to labor I always make sure to eat dinner outside so I can thaw out a bit. I wish our boss would realize that we would be far more productive if she would adjust the temperature to make us comfortable.
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