Office politics causes heating issues

When my husband first took his job as an accountant downtown, he was really excited about making manager one day. He worked long hours, went in on weekends, and pretty much did whatever the boss wanted. He thought that all of this was showing his loyalty to the company and that he would be rewarded one day. After years of doing all that he could, his manager promoted his nephew instead after he had only worked that a few months. His nephew came in and started making all kinds of crazy demands that were obviously not going to do anything but cost a lot of money. He wanted to completely redecorate his office with all of this leather furniture and he wanted his own private HVAC system so that he could have the ideal temperature. My husband tried to show his boss that the numbers for all the expenses were going to put them in the red, but, he wouldn’t listen. He just said that his nephew was important to the company and he should mind his own business. Well, that is exactly what he did! I am so proud of him because that day he decided to quit his job that didn’t appreciate his dedication and open his own firm. He has a small office outside of town where his meets with his clients and even has full control over his own HVAC system. It all worked out very well for him and our family. It goes to show that you should never be afraid to take a leap of faith. It also goes to show that office politics is can make for very poor decisions sometimes.



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