Partner moves out of his house as well as i find dirty air registers

My guy as well as I decided to transport in together, but he recently switched jobs near where I live so the most logical decision for him was to come as well as transport in with me so he did not have to make the 30 minute commute to work everyday, then once he starts living with me he will only have to make a five minute drive to work everyday, but plus I have more space in my house than what he was living in, but this past weekend I was helping him transport all of his stuff, but my great friend and I were packing as well as taking the boxes down stairs as well as into his truck.

  • My great friend and I also had to clean the apartment, while cleaning I realized how dirty it was.

I would spend mornings at his house occasionally as well as I would wake up with itchy esure as well as a cough. It did not help that he had a cat living with him however the other reason was I could consistently hear his Heating in addition to Air Conditioning system running. I did not look closely enough to the air registers until my friend and I were moving him out. I was cleaning the air registers as well as I saw how much dust as well as other particles were on them. That must’ve explained why my throat was itchy as well as my nose was consistently running… After seeing his air registers I was a little curious to know what my air registers looked like because I never cleaned them. After that afternoon I decided to clean my air registers so my air quality in my house would be much better than my guy’s old home.
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