Pool is heated but locker room is not

I was super excited to learn that our new gated community has a heated pool. It was one of the big selling points and deciding factors for us to buy a home in this community. I used to swim competitively back in high school. But kids and life got in the way and I haven’t swam in a few years. So knowing that there was a heated pool only 1 block from my new house was very exciting. We barely finished unpacking before I squeezed into an old swimsuit and hustled down to the pool. It was very cold outside but I knew I would be warm once I got to the pool. Not! The pool itself was heated, somewhat, but the building the pool was in was not heated at all. Swimming was fine but getting out of the pool was torturous. I ran the short distance back home dripping wet. Then I got turned on the underfloor heaters in the bathroom at home and took a long, hot shower. By the time I got out of the shower the bathroom was nice and warm. My husband asked me why I didn’t just change in the locker room. Then I wouldn’t have had to go outside soaking wet. Well the locker room was just as cold as being outside. There is no heat in there at all. So I am either going to have to give up swimming, once again, or I am going to just have to sprint home every day after my swim so I can get warm again.

a/c professional