Pop up ads that drive you crazy

My mom keeps complaining about her laptop.

She lives five states away and I try and help her as much as I can over the iphone. I honestly don’t mind because I know that searching for something can be hard even for someone, like myself, who is always online. One thing that she is trying to do is establish an online selling account. She makes some honestly cute dolls and would like to sell them on an auction site. The concern is, she gets confused because of all the pop up ads, she thinks that they are a screen she is supposed to click on and then gets frustrated when it takes her somewhere else. I know that advertisers are trying to get new customers however for elderly people it can just be an annoyance, most of them are PPC ads and I know that each time people like my mom interact with them the company has to pay a small fee to the web developer. They do this because it is more cost effective to them in the long run. If they boost their business by a few percentage points it pays for the advertising anyway, and i just wish there were a better way for them to increase business. Searching for something online is hard enough when you consider that search engines only show you the most popular sites unless you keep going through numerous pages. If the small cafe down the street has only had a few hits it ends up about ten pages in. All I want are the hours it is open or the iphone number and it takes me forever to find it.
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