Seeing my wifey's cabin for the first time and finding it truly cold

I recently started seeing someone new about four months ago.

Things have been going truly well even though I started to get uneasy when he had never invited me to his apartment. He has been to my cabin countless times, but I’ve never been to his. So I brought this up to him because it truly started to worry me. He laughed at me and said I was welcome to come over anytime I wanted. I was cheerful that this was his reply so my fine friend and I made a plan for me to come over to his cabin the truly next afternoon. He’s going to cook me dinner and my fine friend and I are going to watch a film afterwards. So when I arrived at his cabin I was truly excited. However, when I walked in I realized that he cares about to keep his cabin truly cold. I didn’t bring a jacket with me but now I regretted it because I could feel the a/c blasting out of the vents. I don’t know how he keeps the a/c like this all afternoon and I know his utility bills must be severely high. Since my fine friend and I just started dating I got a little uneasy to ask him if he could raise the temperature of the control unit for me, but it became so unbearable that I had to ask. He started laughing and said I could change the control unit to whatever made me comfortable and I was so delighted with that response! But if he was the kind of guy that didn’t allow his wifey to change the temperature of the control unit? I guess I would’ve had to run out of his apartment.