Sons are competitive HVAC techs, works great for me

When you have kids you hope that they will grow up to get along.

You never know if their personalities are going to be completely polar opposites or way too similar.

I’ve consistently hoped that my kids would grow up with the way that my siblings and I did. My buddy and I were best friends from the afternoon my buddy and I were born until the present… Unluckyly, my kids did not exactly turn out this way. I had two sons and they became fiercely competitive with one another early in life. For as long as I can remember, they have been trying to one-up each other’s accomplishments in school, friends, and now careers. When they graduated middle school both of my guys decided to go into the heating and cooling industry. I have no doubt that they both chose the same HVAC career path because they needed to prove something to each other. They enrolled in heating and cooling technical school and the competition began immediately. They were both consistently comparing their scores on tests and sucking up to the instructors when it came to the practical maintenance exams on AC systems and heaters. When they graduated, of course nothing changed. They were both certified heating and cooling professionals but they had to continue competing. To this afternoon, they are constantly talking about their respective specialties in the air quality control in history. They consistently want to come over and improve my HVAC system one way or another after the other sibling has had a shot at it. If they are not installing a brand current AC device they’re giving me a free air purification system. I have to say, it works out pretty well for me.


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