Standing air cleaners worked fine

When it comes to controlling the indoor air quality in your apartment I know that there are a lot of people that like to use things like HEPA filters, plus UV light filters, & while those are truly both wonderful & viable options, I prefer just to use the laying air cleaners; Sure they’re not as extravagant as say something like a HEPA filter, however they get the task done. I really have fairly wonderful indoor air quality so I don’t need anything super extravagant. It seems to be my dining room that has the most problems with the indoor air quality & so I have put a laying air cleaner in there. The same air cleaner works wonderful to make sure the indoor air quality stays scrub at all times. I have noticed as well that I can rest much easier as long as I have the standard air cleaner in the room. I’m thinking about adding a lay in your purifier to the study room as well, I do a lot of cooking & the smells can get out of control sometimes, & I’m thinking a laying air cleaner will help with that, but for my heating the AC system I use a washable air filter, I particularly adore the washer wear filters because they are reusable. I used to weigh so much currency buying disposable air filters all the time, and sometimes because of how popular disposable air filters are where my local Heating & A/C company would be out of stock of them, then now just by paying a little bit more for the washable air filters I don’t have to worry about that issue. Between the washable air filter that is installed on the 8-track system, & the standard air cleaners my indoor air quality is particularly good.


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