Standing air purifiers worked fine

When it comes to controlling the indoor air quality in your home I know that there are a lot of people that like to use things like HEPA filters, as well as UV light filters, and while those are definitely both great and viable options, I prefer just to use the standing air purifiers.

Sure they’re not as fancy as say something like a HEPA filter, but they get the job done.

I actually have fairly good indoor air quality so I don’t need anything super fancy. It seems to be my bedroom that has the most issues with the indoor air quality and so I have put a standing air purifier in there. The same air purifier works great to make sure the indoor air quality stays clean at all times. I have noticed as well that I can rest much easier as long as I have the standard air purifier in the room. I’m thinking about adding a stand in your purifier to the kitchen as well, I do a lot of cooking and the odors can get out of control sometimes, and I’m thinking a standing air purifier will help with that. For my heating the AC system I use a washable air filter, I really love the washer wear filters because they are reusable. I used to weigh so much money buying disposable air filters all the time. And sometimes because of how popular disposable air filters are where my local HVAC business would be out of stock of them. Now just by paying a little bit more for the washable air filters I don’t have to worry about that issue. Between the washable air filter that’s installed on the 8-track system, and the standard air purifiers my indoor air quality is really good.



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