Super chilly ipad lab

Recently I’ve been having some issues with my roommate, then normally my buddy and I get along fantastic but for the last few weeks that has not been the case; We’ve been arguing as well as she has been turning her rock n roll up seriously loud; My associate and I are in college as well as I need to make sure that I am getting my studies done, then so I decided that I would start going to the ipad lab located on her college campus so they could legitimately get some toil done! The only issue I have with this ipad lab is that it’s freezing chilly inside, i asked the student aid that was toiling at the front desk if they could turn the temperature of the thermostat down to the A/C wasn’t blasting all night long.

  • The student aid told me that it was not an option because she didn’t have access to the thermostat.

I know they kept the thermostat locked away in a box so that students like me couldn’t change the temperature. I have a feeling they would save a lot of money if they raised the temperature of the thermostat because it’s absolutely freezing as well as it’s almost unbearable inside The ipad lab. I have to wear a big jacket every time I go in there as well as I have to keep from sitting on my hands so I can stay warm. I am hoping if I can ask the team I’m hoping if I talk to the dean they will allow me to change the temperature of the thermostat as well as not give me any more issues


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