Surfing has a whole new meaning

We live in a small town upstate and there isn’t much to do.

We have three teenagers and are constantly hearing how they are bored.

I really can’t blame them because other than a grocery store, small convenience store, and farms, there really isn’t anything for miles. My husband is a third generation farmer and works a lot of hours. The kid’s entertainment consists of hanging out with friends when they can and surfing the web for games and social media. I know, I shouldn’t allow them that much screen time but I really feel bad for them most days. Anyway, the other day my father in law showed up and asked where our son was. I told him he was surfing and he got a very strange look on his face. We don’t live anywhere near the ocean. I explained that I had him looking for a new HVAC system for the house and he was “surfing” the web for the best deal. He was researching various units for the efficiency and price. The bigger companies in our area had some advertised deals but we wanted to work with one of the local ones in town. I took going through several pages to find the information. I have read that companies sometimes pay for the position that they have on the search engines and that companies are also ranked by popularity. I guess that is why our local company is so far down the list. My father in law still doesn’t understand why it is called surfing, but, he still won’t use a cell phone either.

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