The climate I grew up in is very cold!

I grew up in a mostly cold climate. However, in the summer it would get very warm at times. So my parents purchased an air conditioning unit for the window. That way in the summer, we could put the air conditioner in our window and use it for cooling down the house on hot days. But when the cold season came, we could remove the cooling unit and use our furnace for heating the house. Once when winter came, Dad forgot to remove the window unit, and it got so cold in the living room. We had to remove it with the wind blowing and snow on the front porch. It was a very cold experience. After that, he always remembered to remove it before the first snow. Sometimes the furnace would break. And, of course, it was always in the winter when it was most needed. My parents would have to call the furnace service and they would send out an HVAC technician to repair it. Sometimes it took several days for the furnace service to repair the heater though. We’d have to snuggle under our blankets to stay warm and wish it was summer. But soon, the heater repair had taken place and the furnace was heating our house once again. In the summer, we all thought we weren’t going to survive the heat without the air conditioning unit. Sometimes it took Dad several weeks into summer before he’d have the time to put in the window cooling unit. It felt like a furnace in our house. We’d open the windows and hope the wind would blow a cooling draft through our house. It was always such a relief once we had air conditioning. It kept the house much cooler than opening the windows.


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