The furnace won’t labor if the air conditioning is on

I woke up at 2 in the morning plus observed that cold air was blowing on my face.

Periodically our furnace blows cold air for just a second before it turns warm.

I waited several minutes plus the air never turned warm. It just kept blowing cold air. I was undoubtedly tired plus had to get up to go to labor in a few hours so I tried to talk myself out of worrying. I told myself that the furnace would kick on in just a minute plus that when it turned on next time it would be warm. However, I lay there in bed for a long time plus the furnace didn’t kick off. Also, the air never got warm. I remembered that the furnace only kicks off when it reaches the proper hot plus cold temperatures as set on the control unit. If it is blowing cold air, instead of hot, then it never will kick off. I got up plus turned the control component off. That is when I observed that it was 4 degrees colder in the home than it should be. I waited several minutes plus turned the control component back on. Sure enough, cold air started blowing once again. By now a full hour had passed plus I doubted I would get any more sleep. I assumed I would have to call the furnace servicemans in the morning. However, I decided to mess with the control component one more time first. That was when I observed that it was set to cool plus not heat. My hubby must have set it to 50 degrees plus turned the air conditioning on because she was hot. I didn’t get any more sleep however at least I didn’t have to call out the professionals either.

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