They Charged Me For Calling

I hate having to have my HVAC system serviced twice per year.

I understand the importance of having my furnace and air conditioner looked at by a certified HVAC professional, but sometimes I don’t think I’m getting my money’s worth. I live in a very rural area and there is only one HVAC company that will come service my HVAC system. I’ve tried maintaining the HVAC equipment myself, but I’m not experienced or trained to find warning signs in furnaces or air conditioners. This is why I always hire an HVAC professional, even if I drag my feet doing it. Since there is only one HVAC company that services my area, I have to put up with their nonsense in order to get my equipment looked at. The HVAC professionals are almost always late, they don’t like answering my questions, and I’m not entirely sure they’re doing much when they do visit my home. Last month, I had a horrible experience with them and I’ve refused to continue doing business with them. When my furnace went out in the middle of the night, I called the emergency hotline to seek help. The person on the phone told me that I’d be the first house they serviced in the morning. Thankfully, an HVAC professional showed up bright and early and repaired the broken furnace. However, when I received the bill two weeks later I noticed a charge for calling the emergency hotline. Since I wasn’t a part of their annual membership program, they charged me for the phone call!

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