Waking up my guy for being too warm at night

In the middle of the night, it is the worst when you wake up too hot, and i dislike covered in sweat in the bed and my guy is the worst when it comes to getting sweaty at night.

  • It doesn’t matter what temperature my home it set to, one of us consistently gets warm and sweaty in the middle of the night.

I consistently make sure that my AC is turned down to at least 76… My pal and I have window unit ACs in my home and they are actually the best when it comes to making a bedroom entirely cold for sleeping. When my pal and I go to bed, my pal and I like to make sure that my pal and I can sleep and my pal and I can only sleep when it’s cold in our room, and believe it or not, my guy was covered in sweat so much that the sheets and comforter were getting wet from his sweat the other night. I did not know what to do, so I had to wake him up. First I asked if he was having a terrible dream and he said he didn’t remember. I was a little sad because I knew that I had turned the AC down low and I was sure that my pal and I would sleep through the night; The covered in sweat thing had only happened once before, and it was when I was sick and chopping a fever.

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