Warm feet, warm heart

One of the best presents that I ever gave myself was the installation of my radiant flooring.

  • The winters used to be the most miserable part of the Year for me but now I have actually come to enjoy them.

I used to spend the four months out of the Year complaining and feeling achy and cold all the time but since I had the new heating system put in my overall attitude has changed. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that radiant flooring allows an even heating throughout the entire house and I never have cold spots anymore. When I had a conventional furnace and air ducts I would constantly have drafts going through the house and have certain areas that were warmer than others. When I have the radiant flooring installed I also had a professional company come in and re insulate the house as well. This was quite an investment but I felt that it was money well spent and that being able to enjoy my home year round was more important than any amount of money. If you are ever considering upgrading your current HVAC system I would highly recommend this form of heating. You can still utilize your current ductwork or your air conditioning during the summer so it is important to maintain that as well. Your local HVAC dealer will be glad to go over all of this with you and they normally even have companies that will help make your home more efficient temperature wise too. Often these types of industries work closely together to make sure that customers get the most out of their money invested.

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