Watch out for bees!

As if there isn’t enough to be worried about these days, now apparently I have to be on the lookout for insects.

I’ve never really been the type of person who is bothered by a few bugs or even arachnids.

It doesn’t bother me when I have creepy crawly critters in my environment. I’m more than happy to coexist with them and live peacefully. Unfortunately, my infant daughter feels differently. Not only is she absolutely terrified of all insects, but she is apparently extremely allergic to bees. We found that out the hard way when we ventured into the heat and humidity the other day and she was promptly stung by a bumblebee. Within 5 minutes she had completely swollen off and I found myself sitting in the air-conditioned waiting room of our local hospital. After we were released from the medical facility, we were told to stay indoors and appreciate our air conditioning until the climate chilled. Apparently, bees are actually more aggressive in the high temperatures, pounding sun, and oppressive humidity that we have been experiencing all season. They told us to use our indoor air conditioning system and forget about going outdoors for a while. Well, that would be a lot easier if our air conditioning system wasn’t literally sitting on top of a beehive. I found this air conditioning conundrum out the hard way when our AC system stopped pumping out any cool air a few days ago. I went to investigate the central cooling system and found that it was swarming with bees. I had no choice but to destroy the hive before I called a central heating and cooling technician. Sorry bees, but I need my AC.

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