We got out of the house on a hot summer day

It’s always nice to get out of the house on a hot summer day.

  • During the summer months in this area, temperatures are very warm.

It is often in the 90s or even close to 100°. There isn’t a single place in the area that isn’t affected by the heat and humidity. During the day, I usually stay home and enjoy the comfort of my air conditioning system. If I am visiting the grocery store or the bank, I try to stay for as little as possible. My kids don’t like staying home all day during the summer, so I try to take them on special trips at least once each week. This week our special trip was going to the Aquatic center. The Aquatic center has cold, clean, and crisp water in the pool. There are three different pools at the Aquatic center. One pool is for diving and another is for laps. The third pool is just for kids and it is only a foot deep. The kids and I were happy to get out of the house that day and away from the air conditioning. I packed up lunch with some snacks and drinks and the kids and I had a lot of fun going to the pool that day. We didn’t have to worry about the Heat or running the air conditioner and everyone was nice and cool by the time we got home later that evening. Being in the cool water all day lowers your body temperature and makes it even easier to stay cool all day.

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