We went with a boiler due to low maintenance requirements

It has been over twenty five years since we bought out home.

  • It was a fixer upper for sure but we knew that we could do a lot of the work ourselves to save money.

My husband and his family all have experience in one area or another so that made fixing things up a bit easier and way less expensive. My brother in law was even able to install the new boiler and the pipes required to heat the house. At the time we purchased a standard unit because that was all we could really afford. The warranty was for ten years and we thought surely we would be able to afford and upgrade by then. Well, ten years came and went and we still had the same boiler. Now, twenty five years later we both agree that we are living on borrowed time. That same boiler is still in the basement and so far it has worked. It helps that we don’t have to use it exclusively to heat the house as we have a wood stove as well. It gives the boiler a break but I am still fearful that one night we will wake up and the unit will have given up for good. A few years back we had it looked at and the technician was surprised that we still had it because it was beyond its life expectancy at that point. We have discussed the fact that we really should start saving up for a new one and I only hope we follow through before it is too late.

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