Wife sets up security cam, pointed at thermostat

Several months ago we had a break-in in our home.

Ever since then we have both been a bit paranoid about the security functions around our neighborhood.

Of course, we have a large automated gate at the opening of our subdivision which is supposed to keep strangers at bay. However, this doesn’t help if the thief is living among you already. We have no way to know who was responsible for the major theft that we endured. Unfortunately, our only option was to improve our own indoor security system so we could try to deter the same thing from happening in the future. When my wife and I bought a security camera I thought that we were on the same page about the functionality of the new indoor appliance. Unfortunately, it turns out that she was a lot more concerned about our indoor air handling system than the security of our expensive technological devices. I know this for a fact, because she promptly moved the security camera to point at the thermostat rather than the front door. When I asked her why the security camera seemed to be pointing the wrong direction she told me that she was worried about our indoor air handling devices recently. Apparently the energy bills have been too high lately and our HVAC technician mentioned that there was a lot of excess wear-and-tear on the entire central heating and cooling system. Now, my wife decided that she was more interested in catching me red-handed at the air temperature control device than catching any thieves breaking into our house
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